Mission Statement

Here at Cargo Transmissions our mission is simple; We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible customer service and quality auto transmission repair or rebuilt transmissions all while keeping the transmission repair cost at an extremely fair price.

The emphasis we place on providing outstanding customer service along with our high standards in quality transmission repair and rebuilt transmissions has put us in a level above other local transmission repair shops in Jacksonville as well as our competitors in the transmission repair industry around the world.

Following a well planned transmission maintenance schedule is the most important thing that you can do to extend the life of your transmission. A transmission service not only maintains the health of your transmission but also helps identify minor problems before they turn into major problems that can’t be corrected with a simple repair. At Cargo Transmission Inc we can help you set up a custom maintenance schedule tailored to your driving conditions.

Accurate transmission diagnostics is the key to a successful transmission repair. At some point every transmission will let you know it’s had enough and start acting up. To solve your transmission’s issues they must first be diagnosed correctly, you’d be surprised to learn how many auto repair shops misdiagnose transmission problems. Not only does this lead to an unneeded repair that just masks an issue, but without accurate transmission diagnostics the un-repaired issue can turn into a much larger and expensive problem.

At Cargo Transmission Inc we are experts at solving transmission problems. Whether your transmission has developed a vibration, a clunk, a leak or even seems to be making your vehicle feel like it lacks power, we can solve your problem. If you want your transmission problem solved right the first time, we can take care of it.

Rebuilt transmissions in Florida must be able to withstand the harsh driving conditions. A quality Cargo rebuilt transmission is more than just replacing worn out parts, for a transmission to survive in Florida the transmission shop must have experience in the cause of transmission failures in the heat. Updates and upgrades must be performed to ensure the life of a Cargo transmission, with hundreds of models coming out every year, not all shops have a plan to ensure the life of their rebuilt transmissions.